Fee Structures

We offer a variety of fee structures so that clients can choose a billing method that aligns with their business goals. Currently clients can engage with us in three ways:

  • Subscription Pricing – we create a customized monthly rate based on the client’s needs. Billed like other SaaS models – automatically charged to a debit or credit card, with discounts available for early payment.
  • Flat Fee Services – clients can choose from our list of flat fee services (contact us to receive a copy) or work with us to create a project budget for larger, discrete matters. Fees paid in advance receive a discount or choose a monthly payment plan.
  • Hourly Billing – clients can engage with us via a competitive hourly rate which we bill monthly.

Clients can make payments directly from this site by clicking here:

Fees for Legal Services

Any flat fees represent fees for services and are not retainers paid in advance of services rendered.

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